West Down Breakfast Club

Posted by on Dec 4, 2017

West Down Breakfast Club

West Down Breakfast Club will be run by the school and staffed by adults who are employed by the school and know the children well.  The children are offered a choice of play activities including crafts, construction and outdoor play.  The children are offered the opportunity to complete homework in a quiet area if they choose and all children are offered breakfast.  The atmosphere is relaxed and the children can enjoy spending time with their friends.

Breakfast Club Booking Form

Booking forms can be handed in at the school office or emailed to parents@westberryfederation.org.uk

Registration and Booking Procedures

West Down Clubs are available to all school aged children.  We hope to extend the provision to pre-school children in the future. We aim to ensure that the club welcomes all sections of the community through open and clearly communicated booking and registration procedures.


The club accepts children aged 4 to 12 years. Breakfast club starts at 8am until the start of school, term time only.

Pre-booked Breakfast Club sessions costs £2.50 per school aged child.  This includes breakfast.

As the provision is run by the school you can use Child Care Vouchers or claim Tax Credits or Universal Credits to help pay for your child’s place.

We ensure that information about our School Clubs are accessible to all families, copies of our booking  forms are available from the school office and online via the school website, www.westberryfederation.org.uk

The club is flexible about attendance patterns to accommodate the needs of individual children and families.

Bookings are taken on a first come first served basis. The club accepts up to 24 children per session when sessions are booked in advance.  Children will be placed on a waiting list for particular sessions if the club exceeds this number, Parents/ Carers will be contacted once a place becomes available.

Booking forms are issued via the school before the start of each half term and can be download on the West Berry website, or from the school office.  Forms should be returned with payment, in advance by cheque, cash or childcare voucher, prior to the start of that booking period.

Ad hoc bookings can be made via the school office but are subject to places being available and appropriate staff numbers, the Co-ordinator will confirm places.  Ad hoc sessions should be paid for at the time of booking or when collecting a child.  We have the right to refuse any family for non-payment of fees.  Ad hoc bookings for Breakfast club are charged at £3 for school aged children.

Refunds for cancelled sessions will not be issued unless one month’s notice is given to the School Office

Permanent place: Once booked, if a child does not attend for any reason, you will still be charged for this place.  If you wish to cancel the place altogether, one month’s notice in writing is required.

Temporary booking: We will accept temporary or occasional bookings as long as there are places available. If a temporary place has been booked and is no longer required, the club must be given 48 hours notice.  If notice is not given, the place will still be charged for.


Terms and Conditions of booking

1) Bookings must be made in advance to the office.

2) Fees must be paid half termly in advance.

3) Ad-hoc bookings will be accepted if places are available, but must be paid for at the time of booking. The club has the right to exclude a family for non-payment of fees.

4) Refunds for cancelled sessions will not be credited unless notice is given within stated time limits.

5) The club reserves the right to exclude a child if he or she consistently misbehaves or if any of the terms and conditions are not adhered to. Prior to exclusion, any problems will be discussed with the Parent/ Carer in order, to attempt to resolve the difficulties amicably.

As our School clubs are run by the school and staffed by school employees they adhere to all the same stringent policies as the rest of the school. These policies can be accessed via the school web site. www.westberryfederation.org.uk.