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Being the best we can be; committed to making a difference. 

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Welcome to Our Federation

West Berry Federation consists of two small, rural primary schools situated within 6 miles of each other: Berrynarbor VC Primary School and West Down Primary school. 

We consistently encourage our children to always be the 'best they can be'. Our federation vision prioritises nurturing children in the 'stream' to develop their confidence and compassion for others. This is in preparation for them to go out into  the 'ocean' where they are ‘prepared to make a difference’.  As Berrynarbor is a Church of England School our federation vision is driven by theological inspiration but is inclusive for both communities. We want our children to be kind and active leaders.  We want them to value each other and use their talents in order to flourish.


 Our federation is very proud of the community spirit we have and the strengths we have built as one big family. Numerous events are held involving other members of the villages.  For example, meals cooked by the children for the ‘senior dudes,’ which is extremely popular with our local residents. 


There is one governing body consisting of members from each community. They contribute to our current success and help us continue to improve and move forwards.  Together we work to maintain high levels of communication, superb standards of teaching and a wholly inclusive federation where everyone is cherished. 

West Berry Federation encourages an inclusive style of teaching, where every child can grow, thrive and enjoy their primary school career here with us.

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8.50am - 3.20PM

(32.5 hours a week )

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