Confident Me!

Giving every child the opportunity to become self-assured, confident and compassionate; able to have a fulfilled life.


Life Curriculum 

Mrs Carey (KS2), Miss O'Rourke and Mrs Wellings (KS1) lead our Life Curriculum. This includes

  • mental health,

  • sex & relationships

  • personal safety



Jane and Diane ensure our lunches are packed full of nutrition to help us grow and be healthy.  All meals are £2.70 and cooked freshly on the school site.

KS2 Personal Development

To develop inspiring learners we have allowed time in the curriculum for Personal Development. This includes an afternoon every other week where pupils can:

Learn or develop a range of new skills. Discover the lives of inspirational people.

Get involved in research projects that look at global or local issues.

Learn about local and national charities.

Understand and experience the importance of courageous advocacy

Life Curriculum Gallery

PE Gallery

Nutrition Gallery

Personal Dev Gallery