Our Curriculum Overview

At West Berry Federation we have developed an exciting new curriculum using the specialism of our teachers to excite the children about all areas of learning. Many of our teaching staff team now travel between the schools to teach their specialist subject to all year groups. Staff have collaborated to produce long term planning documents that are linked to the National Curriculum but adapted specifically for our children. Planning is topic based and repeats on a two year cycle, this ensures our mixed age classes cover everything they need to by the end of Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. This planning allows us to teach creatively and make links across the curriculum. We work hard to continually review planning, share ideas across the Federation and celebrate learning.

Parents receive Knowledge Organsiers at the beginning of each term outlining termly topics in more detail. These are the Termly Knowledge Organisers found below.                                         Click on the below links to view/download our planning documents:

Intent: A holistic curriculum which engages and excites through creativity and curiosity, opening windows onto the world. 

Termly Knowledge Organisers

Find out about the topics your child will be covering this term!

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