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staying safe

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Children staying in touch with each other

Children may use their school Google account to contact other children at West Down and Berrynarbor Primary Schools.  School Google accounts allow children to email or use Google Meet or Hangouts to message or video call to communicate with other people within the West Berry Federation including children, staff and governors.  School Google accounts do not permit children to use their Google account to communicate with people who do not have an account.


To find a friend on email or hangouts just start typing their name and choose from the list.


Online Safety

Many children are using technology far more than they would ordinarily.  Often children learn how to use applications much quicker than adults.  We are fortunate to be able to use technology while staying at home but it does pose some risks to our children that adults need to help them manage.


A simple way to think about keeping your child safe online is to compare online interactions with real life interactions. 


Would you be happy for your child to share your name and personal details in real life? Is it OK to share personal details if setting up a profile online?


Would you let a stranger into your home?  Is it OK for a stranger to see into your home and talk to your child on a screen?


Would you expect your teacher to come into your bedroom?  Is it OK to video call your teacher from your bedroom?


Is it OK to be out with your friends late at night?  Is it OK to be online with your friends late at night?


Is it OK to make a child talk or play with you in the playground?  Is it OK to make a child talk or play with you online?


Is it OK to exclude someone at school?  Is it OK to exclude a member of your class from online activities?


Is it OK to use threatening or intimidating language in real life?  Is it OK to do this online?  Could your comments be misinterpreted?


Our older children have had e-safety lessons - these lessons can be reviewed here along with lessons for younger children.



Useful GOV.UK advice can be found here



If you are concerned about your child’s online safety or the online behaviour of your child or others in our community, please get in touch with us!

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